Consumers want one fluent on- & offline experience

Consumers want to be able to shop at any time, in any place they are, whether online or offline. Today’s customers expect to have a fully satisfying experience every time they interact with a company’, reports MIT Technologies. More than 51% of shoppers combine their offline and online experiences. Business should stop looking at offline and online customers separately and focus on providing an omnichannel experience. 

Brick-and-mortar stores are losing customers to e-commerce and facing issues creating a steady footprint while consumers are expecting more from the traditional shopping experience.

They are seeking experience-shopping & entertainment. If they go to a business location, they want to have an ‘experience’ that is personal, immersive and shareable. Retailers and other location-based businesses have to rethink themselves and turn locations into more visited entertainment destinations, adopting new technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Large companies are already doing this: Amazon buying WholeFoods, Google partnering with Walmart, Nike & Nordstrom opening ‘experience stores’. These large powerhouses are turning themselves into the omnichannel monopolists. Small and medium businesses are not able to compete; neither online because it requires specific data, customer acquisition costs & knowledge, nor offline in the high streets.

To help small and medium businesses, we developed solutions to help overcome these challenges and become omnichannel businesses; selling more online & offline.

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